Sea Fishing Tackle Rundown: Penn International Torque Multiplier Reel TRQ300

Whenever you are out on a barren beach fighting an insistent fish on the line, the very last thing you need to encounter is problems with your sea fishing tackle. Using top-rated, durable and steadfast tackle could make the big difference between a effective and a failed fishing trip. Your reel, specially, is a crucial bit of fishing equipment. When meticulously picked and correctly maintained, a sea fishing reel needs to offer you very good service for years. Here’s some information in reference to an excellent piece of gear from Penn, the International Torque TRQ300 multiplier reel.

 Sea Fishing Tackle – Information Concerning the Penn International TRQ300 Torque Multiplier Reel

 The TRQ300 reel has an outstanding standing as a sturdy and steadfast star drag fishing reel. The pattern includes a one-of-a-kind built-in side plate layout (ISP) with massive drag power. ISP technology integrates all elements into a single unyielding assembly. This, as a result, allows really substantial drag capabilities with fewer parts and with lower tension on the fishing reel. So you can crank up the drag without worrying about causing your main or pinion gear to constrict. The design furthermore is patented and employs all the plate parts for the right side into a lone unyielding assembly, so a lesser number of parts are necessary to achieve appreciably higher drag. The pinion gear unlocks to allow for an excellent freespool method for casting and freelining.

 Sea Fishing TackleMore Facts on the Penn Torque TRQ300

  The TRQ300 has an impressive 6.3:1 retrieval rate, and a power handle to facilitate cranking. Reel capacity is 360 yards of 30 lb. monofilament line and also 360 yards of 80 lb. braid line. The reel has a weight of 29oz (822g).<br> The TRQ300 has strong, light aluminium alloy forged and machined frame, spool and side plate. the pattern is equipped with 5 stainless steel ball bearings. The main gear furthermore is made with precision machined stainless steel. It’s drag system is constructed with multiple drag stack preparation. The power handle is manufactured with ergonomic, soft-grip elements.

 Sea Fishing TackleHow the Unique Torque Design Was Born

 Not unexpectedly, the torque reel design was born following a day’s fishing. The Penn Chief Executive Officer and an engineer made a decision to make use of the considerable breakthroughs in machining abilities and fresh materials to enhance on the primary 1933 design of the industry’s founder, Otto Henze. The modern pattern was better, more potent and more dependable than traditional fishing reels. Literally drafted on a napkin, the major torque design came into existence. Currently, it is a mainstay in many fishermen’s’ tackle boxes.

 In Reference to Penn

 Penn is a US producer of superior, sensibly priced fishing gear. Penn holds a proactive existence in the game of fishing and also an long-lasting devotion to fishery preservation and augmentation:

 If you have a devotion to fishing, then you should contribute some time to the conservation of our invaluable natural resources. We insist that you take part in the preservation and fortification of the health and vigour of our rivers, lakes, oceans, and bays. (Source:

 A Penn International Torque TRQ300 fishing reel would be a good addition to any angler’s assemblage of sea fishing tackle.

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