Fly Fishing Gear Review: The Greys GRXi+ Fly Reel

Since I’m an enthusiastic fly fly fish angler, I’m at all times fanatical on experiencing current fly fishing gear. After all is said and done, having the correct tackle can make all the difference when you are fishing a speedily-running stream. Not all my currency has been well invested, however. Like I do, I am sure you have odd reels and rods hanging about that you hardly ever, if at anytime, employ. However, one piece of fishing gear that will certainly not be downgraded to the bottom of my tackle box is my Greys GRXi+ fly fishing reel. Continue on to see why.

 Overview: Greys GRXi+ Fly Fishing Reel

 This reel comes with a die-cast main cage and a die-cast face plate as well. This gives great resilience and force. For more force, the reel comes with tri-pillar assembly. To cut down weight and boost long-lasting strength, the GRXi fishing reel has high-impact GV4H metal replacement polymer mouldings. The top disc drag system features Rulon, a plastic bearing material with a low friction coefficient, exceptional abrasion resistance and excellent anti-corrosion. Rulon is utilized extensively in bearings and gears due to the fact that it doesn’t require lubrication.

 Qualities of the Greys GRXi+ Fly Fishing Reel

 Because of having a very trustworthy and well-planned twin drag interference system, this reel is an superb selection for fishing still waters and for lough fishing. I feel that, it’s a stupendous deal for the cost, which is just at £62.00. An extra characteristic of the fishing reel that you are certain to appreciate is that it contains three spare spools and a rugged carry case as well. The case is generously padded and contains resourceful compartments for both the reel and auxiliary spools. There too are two netting pockets that are convenient for carrying leaders. The case has a carry handle also, which makes it really practical to tote along with other gear.

 More Concerning the Greys GRXi+ Fly Reel

  The reel itself is extremely resilient, durable and not prone to breakdowns. The frame is created out of die-cast metal, however the spools are polymer, which aids to maintain the weight of the reel down. The cassette-type spools are basic to take off for fast line adjustments. It is easy to handle the drag adjustment through a large knob that is found on one side of the fishing reel, in the middle. Whilst wrestling a fish, I’ve discovered the drag to be steady and much more than ample, even though it does feel a bit squishy or elastic. I did experience that the drag adjustment knob, along with seeming squishy or spongy, can rock backward and forward, which is pretty worrisome as the time you have a fish snared.

 Concerning Greys

 Greys is a branch of Hardy of England and provides a premier variety of fly reels that are produced and created through the Hardy and Greys employees in the UK. All products are completely tested and reconstructed as essential prior to being recommended for sale. Greys reels carry a lifetime guarantee. To see the best in reasonably-priced fly fishing tackle, be absolutely sure to check out the reels produced by Greys.

 For more details about fly fishing equipment like the Greys GRXi+ fishing reel, please contact Keen’s Tackle and Guns on 01656 722448. Or visit them on the Internet at

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